Treacherous assault amid truce and power games; where are we heading

I woke up to a terrible news of Mr Hamid Mir escaping a terrible ambush by some ‘’unknown’’ assailants on Saturday April 19. I’m deliberately mentioning ‘’unknown’’ because the FIR which has finally been lodged by Sindh govt on the 6th day of the incident left tongues wagging and mind wandering. This incident brought to a burgeoning controversy after Geo TV which holds monopolistic authority in the Pakistan media world presented 18 hours transmission leveling baseless allegations on the premier intelligence agency ISI.  Fortunately or unfortunately, people of Pakistan dismissed accusations and knew it all along that it was a deliberate, malignant attempt to obscure the truth and
induce to evil through the acceptance of falsification.

Now a lot has been said and just said and not been done in actuality by the Govt as demanded by people and, Govt’s shambolic actions reflects at best rather cowardly and at worst hypocritically.  Nawaz Sharif holds personal grudge and he seems hell-bent on maligning Security institutions and pursuing TTP agenda somehow.

The sequence of events the way matters set in motion within the last few months ultimately, led to this deplorable attack clearly suggests PMs perpetual antipathy towards Pakistan Army. We can also not rule out the possibility that Taliban and other forces might have been entangled in alleged murder plot designed to ultimately weaken and delegitimizing role of Army institutions, also poor Hamid Mir seems like a pawn in this larger conspiracy. Geo/Jang group’s sinful complicity puts a question mark on their impartiality as far as  journalism is concerned, also defines their ceaseless pursuit of monopoly among contemporaries.  But then PMLN Govt’s policies also reflect how self importance, antipathy and greed go hand in hand and PMLN seems quite ruthless in their quest of power domination within institutions. The Greek has a word for it ‘’Hubris’’, it means the arrogance that leads to ruins. The perfect interpretation keeping current scenario in perspective how Government pushing the entire nation closer to the edge of the cliff.

A little sneak-peek into the last few months will help us unravel the puzzle of alleged complicity of this Media house into making breaking of institutions, hiding behind the facade of professionalism and emerging as ’’King Makers’’ or ”Mover and Shakers” of nation’s destiny is beyond comprehension as a patriot. According to a very reliable source, Army has been a target for their anti-dialogue stance and recent productive surgical strikes by Pakistan Air force collaborated with Prime intelligence agency ISI that not only resulted liquidating heavy weight terrorists and their prime training camps also twisted TTP arms into negotiating option contrary to their aspirations and ideological posture, somehow, disgruntled Nawaz govt and terror apologists who otherwise desired to provide pardon gate flung open to them.  Army’s stance is firm against dialogue-zero-sum-game and deem it worth sheer waste of time. TTP is fighting ideological war and the kind of terror, senseless and wanton destruction of properties, lives of over 50K innocent people  they have unleashed on innocent Pakistanis, in a gutsy bid to impose their version of shariah is despicable and kissing up to these beasts will add insult to injury of bleeding Nation.

PM Nawaz Sharif govt is critically accused to have conspired with media in maligning our Armed forces and 12-18 hours marathon transmission by Geo/Jung administration was part of the ‘’motivated campaign’’ against Army to defame their reputation and illegitimate Army firm stance against dialogues. Pakistan Army poses potential threat and resistance to terrorists groups and inflicted heavy losses upon them by obliterating hideouts and training camps during last few operations.  Gen(rt)Musharraf as far as one can see is also considered to be a bone of contention between Army and PMLN Govt because of an apprehension of judicial and executive bias against former Army chief and President of Pakistan in Army’s perspective. BJP ex foreign minister Mr Yashwant Singh writing letter to our PM and not only showing concerns over Hamid Mir incident but also displeasure and apprehension over Geo Tv ban, in the wake of PMLN’s posture towards our Armed forces has provoked pride, caused concerns and raised eye brows.

Involvement in Syrian conflict by beefing up flow of weapons to Syrian rebels in this premeditated global, sectarian conspiracy to mire Syria would be a recipe of disaster and i must say these are simplest calculations so hard for these lame brains in power to understand. This government in pursuit of utter domination and power seem to have lost all sanity and policies to facilitate and siding with a specific sect and extremism will take us further down the road of division and destruction and unfortunately, it’s a nightmare scenario anybody has answer to.

Hamid Mir episode has been so far buried into oblivion due to a stroke of ‘’genious’’ by the Govt and it’s ‘’henchman’’ to belittle our Armed force, has somehow been boomeranged and now it’s pay back time i believe. Such abhorring, treacherous practices must not only be vigorously condemned,  justice must also be meted out to perpetrators like Mir Shakeel and his touts by banning this entire Media house. We don’t want a usual cover up of the case, the kind of nexus we have seen in the last seven years between PMLN, this particular Media house, under the umberalla of Judicial bias, also extraordinary usurpation of power must be conclusively investigated and definitely calls for radical reformations and exemplary punishment to avoid future adventures.

Pakistan is in WAR and Army is primarily engaged in conducting counterinsurgency within the country as well as on borders, in order to stabilize and create conditions for a safe and secure environment, however, efficiency and success of operations specially modus operandi of ISI which is, sometimes,  not within the framework of law  can be contested at times but the utter need, ingenuity and resourcefulness of these intelligence services can’t be sent to Coventry. Having said that, a lot of Army work in collaboration of intelligence agencies is done outside the glare of the publicity such as,  plots and conflict prevention and averting threats beyond our shores always standing brave to protect us. Their role in any natural calamity, emergencies must also be applauded, all the more reason that these institutions must be strengthened not scorned because Pakistan is at a vital juncture in national and international affairs due to our nuclear capability and multi-dimensional attacks aimed at the the very sovereignty. Sadly, instead of emulating and honoring our heroes we are prone to forgetting their contribution and sacrifices to our nation.

I strongly feel any whitewash on this horrendous contempt of slandering our intelligence agencies by Geo/Jung group would be deemed as a latent approval to other forms of social, ethical, moral vices and a free hand to all legalized lawlessness and subversion.   As an expat living in UK i worry for my country, it’s a heart-bleeding situation which is prevailing due to egocentric, greedy and power hunger pursuits of few. Long live Pakistan #BanGeo


9 thoughts on “Treacherous assault amid truce and power games; where are we heading

    • My compliments on this excellent and well written article, queued with facts. It does speak of ur true patriotism and love for the country and armed forces. Its ironic that we have MIR Jaffars like Hamid mir and geo group among us. May Allah help us.
      Keep it coming////

  1. An article written by a patriotic expatriate. Needless to remind the readers about the realities behind the scenes, fact is,its the government which finds it convenient to stay muted in crisis like situations. Sharif Sharia has no rules for a progressive Army, want a subservient one. God knows what is the end game.Hubris! 🙂

  2. Well I don’t agree at two points here
    A person whose life is on threat from anyone he suspects….be it anyone isi chief ….. Us president …. Raw chief or anyone ….if he expresses his doubt n concern Wats and where is wrong in it…???
    Isn’t this his right? His bro mentioned it for same reason.his media group where he was working covered him for sake of his life.nothing wrong here so far
    Yes but when it comes on media….they should be property tied under PEMRA rules so as to only show his view n DOnt MAKE HIS view as THEIRS keeping in mind the nature of sensitivity of issue.
    Yes the media house has no right to convert it into a.melodrama…… V irresponsible of them.
    Their intention might not be bad but enemies.use it well then.

    • Hiya Beenish…if only you catch my drift you’ll realize that nobody’s contesting or doubting the fact that a horrible thing has happened to somebody. Hamid Mir was actually attacked and we all feel sorry for him not only that he got terribly injured but also has been cleverly been plotted and used as a pawn in this conspiracy. I agree with you about pemra thing but beg to disagree when you just can’t acquit them of not only creating quite a havoc but also usurping their power to malign our Army instituitions home and abroad.

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